DJI Phantom 4 IMU Calibration Warm Up & Gimbal Horizon Issues NEW VIDEO

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  • 1 Year Ago
This is an updated video on IMU calibration on the Phantom 4 The Phantom 4 is now on offer at DJI - To Support me or this channel you can Order From DJI Store You can Donate via Paypal Support with Patreon Thanks for watching my videos, I have been asked for ways for people to thank me for helping them as I do not use advertising on my channel but if people would like to support me I have some DJI affiliate links, A Patreon account and a Paypal links above that you can use if you wish, I do not use advertising on this channel and the small income I have received has helped me to continue to purchase some products and accessories to discuss so If you would like to support me you can use these links. Again thank you all for your support and please subscribe.

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