Kanye West Tells Jayz "Dont Send Killaz At Me, I Know You Got Killaz" | DocHicksTv

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Kanye West Tells Jayz "Dont Send Your Killaz At Me, I Know You Got Killaz" Last night in Sacramento California at Kanye West Saint Pablo Tour Kanye went on another epic rant about Jay-Z and Beyonce not callimg him and a bunch of other behind the scenes music business. After 3 songs Kanye West drops mic and leaves the show. Hopefully his fans in Sacramento get their money back and Kanye West gets some type of treatment or help with his demons, because something is absolutely wrong! By the way are you guys prepared for the holiday season yet? Ill be choosing a lucky winner between now and black Friday to give a $100 gift card too. All you have to do is leave a funny or real comment and ill select before all the black friday sales! FOLLOW ME ON MY SOCIAL MEDIA OUTLETS: Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/DocHicksTv Tumblr: http://www.dochickstv.tumblr.com Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/Dochickstv-952032741608629/ Instagram: http://instagram.com/DocHicksTv

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