10 Rare Ancient Greek Discoveries

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Here are 10 rare and historical discoveries from a coin where only 12 actually exist to a golden crown found under someones' bed! Subscribe to American Eye http://goo.gl/GBphkv 5. Greek Warrior Helmet This mysterious finding dates back to 5th or 6th century BC and it’s not exactly the helmet itself that’s baffling archaeologists but where it was found and who wore it! This bronze Greek Phalanx helmet was found at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea but off the coast of Haifa, Israel! It was found by a Dutch dredging ship and it was handed off to the Israeli Antiquities Authorities for further examination. The helmet is in quite remarkable condition for something this old. Experts have two theories on why it was found near Israel. Some claim it was from a Greek mercenary who was paid to fight for the Egyptians. Others believe it was worn by a Greek soldier who was sent into battle against the Persians who ruled the area at the time. Greeks did have some influence in Israel but this helmet dates back a few centuries before that time. 4. Ancient Sea Travel Ancient Greeks might have not only had the power to time travel but also to travel the seas at a much earlier date in time then we once thought. Thanks to this discovery found on the island of Crete, archaeologists can prove that sea travel took place at least 130,000 years ago. The previous known time people were able to trave l by boat was around 60,000 BC. Stone age tools like these axes were found in ancient shelters. They’re very similar to the tools used by our ancient ancestors known as the Homo Erectus. Since the island of Crete has been separated from the mainland of Greece for quite some time now, this leads archaeologists to believe that the only way settlers were able to get here was by some type of boat. How advanced were these boats they had, and what other places were discovered that we might not know about? 3. Spartan Palace? You might be familiar with the ancient Spartans from the movie 300, where King Leonidas leads his small Spartan army into a gruesome battle but could archaeologists have found his palaces after all these years? Just a few miles south of the known location of Sparta near a small village, you can see where it was discovered. The building had around 10 rooms and was found filled with archaic inscription from the 17th to 16th centuries BC. They found a large variety of objects like 20 Bronze swords, and religious symbols. One of the cult like objects found at this possible palace, is this bull’s head cup that you see in this photo. If this is truly the palace of Spartan leader, we’d still be lucky to have some artifacts left over, since the palace was burnt to the ground in the 14th century BC. The Spartan civilization was one of the most important to live in Greece and it mysteriously disappeared around 1200 BC. 2. Ancient Greek Citadel This was declared as one of Jerusalem's greatest archaeological mysteries and it has left many people completely puzzled! The legendary citadel known as the Acra was finally found underneath a parking lot in the center of Jerusalem! This fort was built by Emperor Antiochus the fourth and is finally proof that the Greeks had some influence in the holy town of Jerusalem. The dig site now plunges 3 stories below the surface of the earth and archaeologists search frantically for ruins and artifacts. The fort was later destroyed by Romans and the land near the ruins became a residential area. These sling stones and bronze arrowheads were found at the dig site, close to the old city walls of Jerusalem. 1. Ancient Warrior Tomb US archaeologists claim to have made the most important discovery in Greece in 65 years. They came across a 7 foot tomb in 2015 that contain priceless relics from this remarkable civilization. The tomb contained the remains of a powerful ancient Greek warrior, whose tomb remained untouched for 3.5 thousand years. It’s almost like the Greek version of the tomb of King Tut since; the tomb was not grave robbed. The jewelry had a similar style to that of the Minoans, who flourished on the island of Crete. Here in this illustration, you see how the grave appeared before modern graverobbers got a hold of it. Priceless gold jewelry, as well as strings of pearls were discovered. It’s clear that this warrior was wealthy due to this ivory sword hilt that was found designed with what looks like a bull. What else might we uncover about this advanced, ancient civilisation?

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