Borderlands 2 - Gold Chest/Golden Key Glitch Tutorial

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  • 5 Years Ago
This has most likely been patched by now, don't be surprised if it no longer works. This video details how to glitch the golden chest in Sanctuary in Borderlands 2 to continually get loot out of it. I'll also detail the method in writing below. Special thanks to BeastModeBoogie for helping me test this out. For this to work you need to have at least 1 golden key and a friend with at least 1 golden key. This can work at any level and on any character. 1) Host a game 2) Invite your friend 3) Open the chest using your gold key and take your items out. 4) Your friend opens chest and takes items out. 5) Your friend should be able to continually open the chest at this point. This glitch will use both you and your friends golden keys, but it's a small price to pay for being able to open the chest an indefinite number of times. :-) I'd suggest grabbing the items while your friend opens the chest repeatedly as eventually the golden chest will bug out, in testing we found this to occur between the 10-20 minute area. Regardless, you can produce enough loot in that time that you won't be picking anything up off the ground for a while. I'm not sure was causes it to bug out but it may be related to how fast or slow the chest is being opened.

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