Lucifer - The Unforgiven Piano Cover - extended/full version

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  • 1 Year Ago
Hey guys, It's been 2 weeks and I've had a lot of comments/emails on my last upload to make an extended version because the version on the show was a little too short. So here it is! I know the rhythm is a bit different than the Orignal written by Metallica.... but so is the version played by Lucifer (Tom Ellis). I did not cover the (guitar) solo part because I personnaly don't like solo's meant for guitar played on the piano. Hope you guys enjoy this extended version and yes the picture of the Pentacostal coin on the piano is mine :) _______________________________________________________ ● Facebook ► ● MIDI/Sheets ►!AlZSDaEL5oOfanz34heg7bG9Aaw ● MP3/Wave ►!AlZSDaEL5oOfgQiEyIriiMat_R7d _______________________________________________________ It Takes a lot of time to cover those video's by ear and making the tutorials. My Video's, MIDI's, sheets and MP3's are Free. but if you want to help me out a little, then a small donation would be really nice. ● Donate ► _______________________________________________________ I used a converter: Midi to sheet music so Im afraid the left and the right hand aren't 100% accurate. The notes seem fine. You can watch my tutorials for the hand placement. _______________________________________________________ Composer(s) Original song: Metallica

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