Empire Flynn - A Horror Series Episode

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Season 1 - Episode 7 (The Couple) (2015) - A Medium puts together a cunning plan, to gain access to the inheritance of a lost friend, that promised him he would get it after his death. Lucas Flynn (the medium) learnt that the inheritance will go down a group of families first before it reaches him. Lucas at first gave up, he almost committed suicide as he has nothing, he lost his kids, is divorced and has been running a unattractive job for the past 20 years. Amongst his spirits and ghost friends, who he grew up with. Lucas has an idea of using the spirits to kill off each family member, but in a way that his hands are clean. He understands that after death you are stuck, as he has his own proof from the spirits that he can see amongst him, so he doesn't need convincing, he needs that inheritance while he is alive. The spirits get to feel more alive as they kill and Lucas gets closer to his goal, little does he know that he is leaving a questionable trail behind his journey... This episode focuses on the third members that have received the inheritance. They are a tired couple, living in a home that they now want to get rid of, but they have been experiencing hauntings, ever since the inheritance... Play in High Definition Producer/Screenplay: Adam Survay Director: Emily Webb Floor Manager: Tom Gleeson Set Designer: Ben Saunders Head of Camera/Camera Operative: Anil Berisha Camera Operative: Emma Wignall Camera Operative: Nathan Stanley Camera Operative: James Anderson Head of Sound/Sound Mixer: Gerald Franklin Sound Technician: Dominic Winchester Head of Lighting/Lighting Desk: George Burke Lighting Technician: Taylor-Anne Wheeldon Best Boy/Lighting: Christian Carter Camera Controller: Sam Garland Vision Mixer: Mahan Pahlavan Editor: Adrian Maksimowicz Starring: Andrew Jefferson-Tierney - Lucas Flynn Emma Frisk - Sarah Foster Luke Mallet - Mark Tate Emilia Ufir - The Spirit Inspired by American Horror Story, Blacklist and House of Cards A University of Greenwich Project London

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