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Shobaraj is a 1986 Malayalam film directed by Sasikumar and starring Mohanlal and Madhavi. It is the remake of 1978 Hindi film Don starring Amitabh Bachchan which was later remade in Tamil as Billa starring Ajith. But the story is slightly different from the other two films. Mohanlal acts in double roles. Shobaraj (Mohanlal) is the leader of an underworld gang. He kills one of his gang members, when he finds out he's also a police informant. His sister Nisha (Madhavi), a judo and karate fighter, infiltrates the mob to avenge her brother's death, but unbeknownst to her, the Deputy Superintendent of Police (K.P Ummer) is tracking down Shobaraj and in one of their confrontations the DSP wounds Shobaraj, resulting in his death. The DSP then secretly holds a burying of Shobaraj. After which the DSP remembers a person 'Dharmaraj' (Mohanlal) who looks like Shobaraj, Who's really is Shobaraj's blood brother, who were separated when they were small. DSP then tracks that person down.He requests Raj to impersonates Shobaraj so that the DSP can take down the rest of Shobaraj's gang, Raj requests that the DSP promises him that he will give a proper education to the children that he is looking after. But in an unexpected turn of events the DSP dies. The DSP is the only one who knows the truth about the impersonator who now finds himself in a life-threatening situation - hunted by both the cops and the real Shobaraj's henchmen and to make matters worse, he then finds out that Interpol Officer is a crook and has taken the place of the real person. He is the one responsible for the DSP's murder. It's now a race to retrieve the DSP's diary in which the DSP has documented his substitution of the real Shobaraj. Coming Soon..... New Malayalam Full Movies 2014 | Snehamulloral Koodeyullappol 2014, Oru Mazhavil Swapnam 2014, Bodhi 2014, Cold Storage 2014, Veyilum Mazhayum 2014, Nakshatrangal 2014 Subscribe Our Youtube Channel.. For More Movies Please Subscribe Join us :

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