How to unlock a Volvo radio with the code for 850, 960, S90, S70, etc. - VOTD

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How to activate the radio in a Volvo that displays the words CODE or OFF on the display. Turn your head lights off if the radio is locked: This will work on Volvo's from 1993 through 2000, most models and maybe others as well. 850, 960, S90, V90, S70, V70, S40, etc. If your radio says OFF, you will have to turn the car on (warning lights on but car not running) and the radio on and let it sit for 2 hours to get the radio to read CODE again. This should be 2 hours of UNINTERRUPTED power. The ignition has 4 positions. 0 = Off, I = Accessory, II = Run, III = Start Then enter the proper code. If you enter a 4 digit code that DOES NOT WORK, the screen will say RPT or CODE again. If you get that message, you have the WRONG code. If you do NOT have the correct code, you can request it from Volvo. Follow this link: You can also try to find the radio code this way:

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