Borderlands 2 GlitchPot tutorial LVL.50 SAVES!!!

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  • 5 Years Ago Finally figured out how it was done. However it remains to be seen if it works for you. there is no gamertag. I am CHR0N0BODI on Steam for PC Independently demonstrated by TehManifest0r here: ALL SKINS & HEADS (my profile) use my save if glitch doesn't work: all lvl.50s (commando) (gunzerker) (mechromancer) (siren) (assassin) For anyone who wants the pink guns, it's here: please note it's a PC save. paste it in documents/my games/borderlands2/willowgame/savedata/734652334/save0001.sav rename to a different number if u have save0001 already unless it's a commando.

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