Iraqi army retakes TV station building in Mosul

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  • 1 Year Ago
Iraqi forces have made a significant gain against Daesh terrorists in the battle to liberate the key city of Mosul. The troops have managed to enter the government’s TV station building in the city. This is the first important building to be retaken by the Iraqi fighters. The army has attacked Daesh terrorists in Mosul from different sides in a bid to make them surrender. The terrorists however try to impede the operations through planting mines and firing rocket-propelled grenades. Fighting is also raging on in the southwest of the city, where Popular Mobilization Forces are battling Daesh. They managed to recapture another village on Tuesday morning. The Mosul offensive began in October 17. Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga forces are also assisting the army in the operation. Watch Live: Twitter: LiveLeak: Facebook: Google+: Instagram: Dailymotion:

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