Shaktimaan is Back - First Indian Superhero | Trailer | 2016

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  • 1 Year Ago
Shaktimaan is back again to save the world from Kill - Vish Terror. Kilvish has became the most powerfull person on this earth, will shaktimaan defeat him and save us? Watch out the full Trailer, Share your love so that we can develop our webseries on Shaktimaan. ♣♣♣♣♣SHARE NOW♣♣♣♣♣♣ ♠♠ Director- Dushyant Kapoor VFX & CGI - Nitin Swaroop Associate Director - Ankit Vatsa Creative Director - Aditya Mehta Cinematographer - Anand Badoniya ♠♠ ♣ Like 60 Hertz Page and get updated from latest news of our superheroes. ♣ Like my official Facebook Page for updates. For business - Note : Few of the shots have been taken from other videos with proper permission process to create this fan made trailer. If the response is good then we surely gonna make Webseries on this. ♠ Plane vfx shot by Mane, check full video: Extra tags : scavengers,screen patti,indian avengers,scavenger,captain vyom,indian superhero,indian superheroes,indian super heroes,indian super hero,super heroes,indian avengers trailer,superheroes,superhero india,indian,shaktimaan superhero,shaktimaan,chacha chaudhary,super commando

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