NACHTBLUT - Wie Gott Sein (Official Video) | Napalm Records

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  • 3 Years Ago
Pre-order "Chimonas" now: Produced by Angst Im Wald: Release Dates: 17.10.14 GSA 31.10.14 FIN & BENELUX 03.11.14 UK & RoE 05.11.14 NOR/SWE/ESP Songs as black as the night, texts from bitter cold reality, steely guitars, sublime fanfare and whipping drum grooves, which maltreat as metal anvil-blows the Skull: The German Quintet Nachtblut celebrates its die-hard Dark Metal with full force and perfect production. The follow up to DOGMA (2012) is named CHIMONAS and shows with charismatic frontman Askeroth admonition and warning. It´s acting like a guilty conscience of a saturated affluent society in which Nachtblut levels to denounce abuses and excesses by the indomitable in this world.

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